How to have a deep sleep

It may sound a bit rough, but try to go to sleep at the same time every day. Even on holidays, when your desire to lay up is significantly more intense, do not slack off. A balanced schedule will help you to struggle with insomnia and stop agonizing over going to bed.

However, if you feel like you are not ready for siesta at all (like, you are the no-sleep-before-midnight type), do not make it a torture. Have a cup of tea and meditate, just don’t do stuff around the house. Chores are not the best option once you are determined to sleep like a baby. It will only break the bedtime cycle and cause an energetic havoc. Instead, you can try massage and aromatherapy.

We would also strongly advice to go to bed without that nagging hungry feeling. Being stuffed doesn’t help either – you should find a golden mean between the hollow and the full. Caffeine is prohibited and will make your journeys to the bathroom in the deep hours of the night a routine. The energizing coffee effect will take time to erase, leaving you awake for the next 30 minutes. Make a good sleep a tradition.



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